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Why You Should Study Abroad

Why You Should Study Abroad

Why You Should Study Abroad For Undergraduate, Masters or PHD

Why You Should Study Abroad For Undergraduate, Masters or PHD? Nigeria is yet to witness any meaningful invention in recent or past times; despite the fact that it boasts of 40 Federal universities, 44 State owned universities, and 68 Private universities (this is according to the 2018 list of universities released by NUC), not to mention other learning institutions like Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, and the annually produced tons of graduates, including those in the ‘first class’ category. On the other hand, some countries with lesser number of universities than ours have often time shock the world with ground-breaking inventions; this can be seen as the manifestation and reward of their rich educational policies. I guess it’s true that quality will always stump quantity anytime.

Over the years, Governments’ (both past and present) attitudes towards education in the country have been described as lackadaisical by both foreign and local organizations. Consequently, this has made many conclude that in decades to come, education in Nigeria might still be below the international standard. The cries and lamentations have yielded little or no positive result. Government has given little improvement to its educational policies, therefore making the educational sector deplorable, and our learning institutions ineffective when it comes to tackling societal problems. For instance, we have overwhelming number of unemployable products of our frail educational system roaming the street on a daily basis, competing for few available jobs, most of which are of ridiculous salaries, and many still waiting in line to join these people, while their colleagues who studied abroad easily snatch the best and better jobs without breaking a sweat. Hence the reason some constantly wish to pursue their studies in foreign countries where education is highly appreciated and considered a priority. I mean, who would want to struggle so hard to study in a country that its government has little regard for education when he/she has the necessary resources to purse his/her dream in an environment that encourages and enables excellence? Why would you want to go through the entire struggle only to later be hit with the unfortunate reality of not securing a better job afterwards?

Check the profiles of Nigerians making it big both internationally and locally, and ask yourself what do majority of them have in common. The answer is simple, they didn’t have their education in Nigeria; the few who did, still went to acquire more knowledge in foreign countries that value education. Let’s not confuse this for our strong preference for everything foreign over our local products ̶ which is sometimes the truth as regard to certain scenarios, we should rather ask ourselves, while those countries are known for meaningful inventions that have impacted the global community, what are we known for?

If you take your time to calculate the actual cost of completing a graduate or post graduate course in Nigeria, most especially in reputable private universities and some expensive government owned universities, with little or no guarantee of acquiring the sound knowledge in the particular course of study, or securing better jobs that actually justify the overwhelming and ridiculous prices, you would realize that, with little or no addition to the money, you can actually study the same course or a better course in a world-renowned institution, and at the same time amass working experiences that will boost your career to the upward trajectory in no time. During the pre-independence era, our fathers had the best form of education in the country, yet still travel abroad to accumulate more knowledge and immigration experience.

Let us take a look at what you will be dodging if you study abroad:
• Sadists in the guise of lecturers.
• Unnecessary strike actions.
• Dangerous protests cum untimely death or loss of close ones by the hand of our overzealous police and other paramilitary forces.
• Having to unjustifiably spend extra year or years studying a course; therefore wasting enough time you could have used In pursuing a career.
• Not so conducive learning environment.
• No working experience as related to a course of study.
• Little or no IT knowledge.
• No guaranteed employment.
• Absence of curriculum Practical Training.
• Obsolete teaching and learning methods.
• Little or no access to professional counseling.
• Sexual harassment from school staff members.
• Lack of quality equipments.

While the above highlighted challenges characterize a typical Nigerian educational experience, you will never encounter them while studying abroad. And do not forget that the experience is a lifetime one. Worry less about which country to go, school to attend, what exam to right, course to study or accommodation, let us do that for you. Not having a family member or friend living abroad shouldn’t deter you from actualizing your dream of studying there. At EETT, our goal is to help you realize your dream of acquiring not only a foreign education, but a quality one in an internationally recognized University.

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