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How To Register For Toefl-Toefl In Nigeria/Toefl Exam In Nigeria

How To Register For Toefl-Toefl In Nigeria/Toefl Exam In Nigeria

How To Register For Toefl-Toefl In Nigeria/Toefl Exam In Nigeria

HOW TO REGISTER FOR TOEFL-How To Register For Toefl-Toefl In Nigeria/Toefl Exam In Nigeria

A careless error during the TOEFL test registration can be costly. Therefore, you will need the assistance of an expert in registering for the TOEFL test in order to avoid any mistake. This is why you need to consult Excellence Education Travels and Tours Limited today for a stress free TOEFL registration. We lead when it comes to International Examination registration. All you to bring are the necessary documents required for the registration along with a token fee.


The test is designed to measure the English Proficiency of non-English speaking people and is divided into four sections: Reading, Writing, Speaking, And Listening. In order to be accepted as an international student, most Colleges and Universities may then to take standardized tests. One of such Exams, the TOEFL, is used by Colleges or Universities to assess the applicant’s level of English Language Proficiency. More than 9,000 Colleges or Universities in over 135 countries accept TOEFL Scores. The test is conducted by the US-based “Educational Testing Service” (ETS).

Reading 60-80 minutes 0-30
Listening 60-90 minutes 0-30
Speaking 20 minutes 0-30
Writing 50 minutes 0-30

We provide excellent lecture on TOEFL, which enable test-takers pass the test successfully and also qualify for scholarship awards. Visit any of our offices today for registration and training.


There are many admission requirements for international students to study in the US, the TOEFL is one of the most important. So, Nigerians who wish to study IN English speaking countries should be prepared to write TOEFL Exam with lot of preparations. It should be noted that a good TOEFL score helps students/applicants applying for VISAs or resident permit, medical and licensing agencies use TOEFL for professional certification purposes and individuals use it to measure his/her progress in learning English.

Excellence Education Travels and Tours, being the professional organization in training students in Nigeria for TOEFL Test will provide appropriate training for you to excel. Our office is always available to get you registered for the Toefl Exam and also to train you have a good score.


Excellence Education Travels and Tours teachers have undergone a rigorous certification training that is unparalleled. Not only they are endowed in the teachings and techniques but they are also experts in carrying the students along. We assess our students performances based on their backgrounds, mode of assimilations and their knowledge of the test.

Our comprehensive training programme is especially geared to help you develop the conceptual and test – taking skills requires clearing the test. Visit any of our offices in Lagos Nigeria and let us train you to ensure that you ace the TOEFL test at first attempt, and also help you qualify for a scholarship award.


Aside from training you Excellence Education Travels and Tours provides you a variety of reliable and up-to-date study materials to help you prepare for your TOEFL examination.

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