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Study in US With Scholarship Opportunities


Studying in the US cannot be overrated because of the multiple benefits which includes scholarship opportunities. US is one of the most visited country of the world and known for global education. Universities in the US over the years embraces International students by offering scholarship opportunities fit for undergraduate and graduate study of any course area.

Studying in the US as an International student guarantees you;

  • Scholarship Opportunities: A full or part scholarship can be offered based on a student’s performance and meeting the necessary requirement. The beauty of it is that anyone can apply and with EETT the process of application of any kind can be guaranteed to study for both undergraduate and graduate study.
  • Low Tuition: Tuition fee is eco-friendly and considerate. The notion of high tuition fee is overrated because at EETT we help you outsource for budget friendly institution with quality education as the goal.
  • Study and Work: You can work, make a living and study in the US with flexible timing that doesn’t affect your education.
  • University Pick-up: Upon arrival to study, university pick-up is made available to a foreign student in most US schools to save stress of finding your way around on the first day.
  • Accommodation Provision: Where to stay shouldn’t be a problem because with scholarship opportunity, housing/hostel is made available to ease financial stress.
  • Graduate Assistantship: EETT assist for graduate study which includes PGD, Masters, PHD to any university of your choice.
  • Visa Procurement Assistantship: Assisting to get visa/student visa is made easy with EETT when necessary document is provided.